We do the party. You have the fun.


Pick from hundreds of exciting themes! From "The roaring twenties" or "50's sock hop" to "Glitz & Glam" to Las Vegas nights.


From low key acoustic performers to high energy dance bands, face painters to magicians or even signature solo acts, you will be given the option to choose the best entertainers on the island to complete your vision for your perfect event. 

Pop-Up Venues

What sets Pop-up Parties apart from your run of the mill party planner is that we offer Pop-Up venue locations perfect for all types of events! From children's rooms with a playground, culinary rooms for cooking parties to a large auditorium or beautiful beach house for luxury celebrations.


From the table dressing and room decor, balloons and banners, we set the perfect atmosphere for your chosen theme! You can choose to go light with decor or ALL out with extravagant displays to really impress!


We have catering connections to suit every type of theme! From simple hors d'oeuvres to extravagant dinners, we set up your Pop-up with delectable dishes sure to impress! Need some flapper girls to serve up some extra fun? We have that, too! 

Clean Up 

Leave the dirty work to us. We set it up and we will tear it down! Yep...we mean all of it! You go home and relax. We've got your covered. 

It's so Easy!

Click PLAN MY POP-UP to get started!

Follow Camille as she walks you through a step-by-step video guide to plan your perfect Pop-Up! 

Submit your request and we do the rest! 

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...you are a party planner?

Well, Yes and No. Yes because we do plan the party for you! But NO because you still have a lot to do with the party prep when it comes to working with a planner. Also planners can't usually provide pop up venues to host your events! We pride ourselves on knowing what works and you putting your trust in us. You pick a theme and what sounds most suitable for you and we take over. All you need to do it send out your invites! 


...all your events are the same?

Goodness no. That would be boring!  Just like at a pizza parlor..you pick the pizza and add all the toppings to make to your liking. We serve up the party themes then you choose the "toppings" from our menu. We put it all together and serve it up. OR we can even deliver it to your door! 


...I have to use your venues?

Not necessarily!  If you want to host your party at your home or a location you already have reserved, no problem! We can bring the party to you.  But if you need a place, we also have you covered with our exclusive pop-up party locations you can only find with us! 


...what if I want to do some things myself? 

That's OK too! Pop-Up Parties caters to those who choose to avoid all the stress but still want to host an event. But if enjoy doing some of the details yourself, you simply do not add those "toppings" off our menu and we will let you handle them! 

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